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    Chupa Chups

    Cool Friend Backpack 192g

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    Fruits Pouch Tin 195g

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It is normal that, when taking a long flight, we might want to take some candy to make it a little more enjoyable. Whether you want to have some sweets or candies, or if you wish to give a gift to someone, in the Mexico City Duty Free shops, we offer travelers who pass through Mexico City a fantastic selection of sweets and candies with reduced prices.

Take advantage of the tax freedom in Duty Free shops to buy tax free candies from brands such as Mentos, Tic Tac or Chupa Chups. Furthermore, if you are a lover of sweets, in our stores in Mexico City you can buy classic products from brands such as Haribo. Whatever your favorite sweets are, the tax free shops in the Mexico City Airport offer you a wide assortment of sweet products that you will surely love.

Take a look at our online candy section and buy your sweets and candies through the Duty Free Mexico City website. Thanks to the Reserve & Collect service, Duty Free stores allow you to choose your tax free candies from the comfort of your own home. Your order will be ready to be picked up at Mexico City the day of your flight. A convenient and easy way to buy sweets without taxes in the Mexico City Duty Free shops. Make your order online now!