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    Chupa Chups

    Cool Friend Backpack 192g

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    Candy Tin 200g

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235 Items

If you have a trip planned and want to buy duty free chocolate and sweets in the airport, discover the large variety of products in our food section in the Mexico City duty free stores. In our shops, you can find products from the leading brands of chocolate and sweets such as Mars, Valor and Nutella, among others.

If you are looking for cookies and sweet treats, we assure products of the best brands in our catalougue such as Oreo and Milka. In addition, we invite you to try confectionary products and sweets from our large selection, offering brands like Kit Kat or Lindt, all of which is available in our Mexico City stores.

In addition to chocolates, we offer candies and gum to make your trip a sweet and enjoyable journey. Candies such as the famous gold bears of Haribo or Trident gum can be bought in our Mexico City shops.

Take advantage of what we have to offer in our tax free stores and buy food from the best brands, reserve your products through our online catalogue and collect your items at your convenience when you travel through Mexico City.