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    Dark Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1l

    Was US$106.50 Was MX$1,826.36 US$90.53 MX$1,552.49
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    The Macallan

    Enigma 75cl

    US$335.00 MX$5,744.88
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    The Macallan

    Lumina 70cl

    US$125.00 MX$2,143.61
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    The Macallan

    Terra 70cl

    US$210.00 MX$3,601.27
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    Vat 1 1l

    US$65.00 MX$1,114.68
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    Vat 2 1l

    US$77.50 MX$1,329.04
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48 Items


Buying single Scotch malt whiskey at tax free prices is possible thanks to the Duty Free shops in the Mexico City Airport. A high quality product that stands out thanks to the ingredients used to achieve a production with years of history, distilled, matured and bottled in the best distilleries in Scotland, makes this variety of whiskey a product of great quality and flavor.

A great option to taste the variety of Scotch whiskey is a bottle of Glenfiddich, a traditional Scottish distillery that produces a variety of whiskey of great quality and flavor since the nineteenth century. We suggest that when you are travelling through Mexico City, take some time and discover whiskies brands such as Glendeveron or The Dalmore. These brands make a whiskey with local and traditional ingredients such as malted barley and other cereals that result in a product with a unique flavor.

Order products from your favourite brand of Scotch whiskey and take advantage of the Reserve & Collect service at the Duty Free shops, where you can place your order online and collect it up to two hours before your next flight. Save time and money by buying Scotch whiskey in the duty free shops in the Mexico City Airport. Make your online order now and get your tax free Scotch whiskey!